Basin Modelling Expert

Exploration geologist and petroleum system analysist with 15+ years experience including Statoil and Maersk. Experience with exploration work ranging from basin evaluation and play analysis to prospect maturation and well evaluation, focusing on the topic of hydrocarbon source and migration. Christoph is a specialist for organic geochemistry and basin modelling with broad regional experience from working basin worldwide, including the North Sea (British, Danish and Norwegian sectors), Mid-Norway, Barents Sea, Greenland, Newfoundland, Eastern Mediterranean, offshore/onshore North, West, South and East Africa, offshore South America and Asia. Expert in Zetaware Trinity basin modelling software.



Senior Drafting Designer

Designer and advisor with 20+ years experience in graphic design, branding processes, strategic consulting, content production and extensive collaboration with photographers, illustrators and programmers for digital media. Experience with round application drafting of geosections and development of graphical identity from companies like Faroe Petroleum. Experienced user of Adobe Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat, Powerpoint and Xait Porter. User of Drupal publishing solution.



Exploration Advisor

Geologist with 25+ years of experience in the petroleum industry from companies like BP, Statoil, NPD, OMV and Cairn. Broad skill base covering most aspects of geology and some in geophysics. Edith is a specialist in deep marine settings with focus on analogue field work, sequence and seismic stratigraphy. Experience includes integration of geosciences disciplines, regional mapping and play fairway analysis. Edith published several papers covering multiple aspects with recent focus on defining and risking stratigraphic and combination HC traps in an exploration phase. Global experience from offshore Norway, Greenland, Norwegian and Russian Arctic, Arctic Canada & Alaska, West of Shetland, Brazil, Australia and offshore / onshore East, West and North Africa, North and South America and Asia.



Seismic Acquisition Expert

Geophysicist and managing director with 30+ years of oil and gas experience from service companies Schlumberger, EMGS and Abbon. Consultancy clients include Abbon, Wirescan, Talisman, Centrica, Searcher Seismic, GDF SUEZ & LOTOS Norge. Specialties include procurement, contract & tendering, survey design and modelling, account management, marketing & sales, business development, production optimization/monitoring, site surveys, 2D/3D/4D/4C/EM acquisition and processing. Geir has experience from the Middle East, North Africa and Europe.



Geophysical Advisor

Geophysicist with 20+ years of oil and gas experience from operating companies including Aker Exploration, Eni, Dong, Schlumberger and BP. Consultancy clients include Edison, Lotos, NPD, Centrica and Core. Specialities include site survey planning and management, 2D/3D seismic data acquisition and processing, CSEM data interpretation, project management, seismic interpretation, license work and concession rounds. Johan has experience from offshore Norway, Trinidad & Tobago, East- and West-Africa.



Operations Geologist & Petroleum System Analyst

Geologist with 25+ years of oil experience from companies like Aker BP, Explora Petroleum and Geochem & Basin Modelling Consulting AS. Rune is an expert in basin modelling tools such as Trinity (3D), Genesis (1D) and KinEx for the evaluation and interpretation of PVT data, oil & gas properties, saturation & phase. Rune delivers integration of geochemical studies and basin modelling to G&G projects, both regionally and at prospect level for regional studies, license work and application rounds.



Exploration Advisor

Geologist with 25+ years experience with exploration from companies like CononoPhilips, Eon, DEA and Spirit. Proven oil finder with sequence stratigraphy background and global experience from Norway, UK, Greenland, Tunisia, Gulf of Mexico and Nigeria. Experience with frontier play mapping and advanced prospect generation, like complex structural / stratigraphic trapping mechanisms and overlooked "non-amplitude / dimspot" prospects. Deep knowledge in sequence stratigraphy and reservoir prediction.



Data Engineer and Mudlogger

12+ years experience in petroleum industry, from service companies Weatherford, Datalog and ILO, working as GC-Tracer Analyst, providing interpretation and evaluation of formation and fluid gas signatures to assist the Client with decision making, by collating the GC-Tracer based gas data with LWD, Mudlogging and WLL data. Worked 3+ years as Geologists - Geotechnical engineer for civil engineering purposes. Uses Autocad, Well Wizard, Petrolog, etc. Offshore and onshore experience from many African countries as well as Middle East.